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Adequate Horse Hair Care Is Essential

Horses are considered to be sincere and loyal companions and therefore, they deserve proper care and concern too. People pet horses for many different reasons. These are obviously kept in a ranch or in country side as these are not much familiar or widely adopted in the metropolitan cities mainly because of the nature of their personality. Moreover, they require a larger space to dwell in. horses are free creatures who love their freedom. Horses really care for their owners and have proven to be a friend in need for their owners. Proper horse training should be given to the horses to develop skills in them that they are actually capable of. In addition to their training, it is important that you feed your horse the right kind of food that contains all sorts of essential vitamins and minerals required by your pet’s body and it is important that you pay attention to the grooming and cleaning of your horse.
As far as the cleaning of your horse is concerned than always remember to give him a bath every once or twice in a week and also clean his hair with a horse shampoo in order to maintain their thickness and cleanliness. You should wash the mane of your horse with a shampoo every once in two weeks or so. However, sometimes if you feel that your horse does not shampooing and he is not appearing to be itching than you can skip shampooing his mane for two to three weeks until necessary. In addition, a horse that lives outside a lot or spends plenty of time going here and there in dust or outside than he will need shampooing more often than a horse who does not really go outside very often.
There might dryness or buildups on a horse’s skin therefore, it holds great significance that you always check the skin condition of your horse as this helps a lot in knowing exactly when your horse needs to be shampooed. A good tip for cleaning your horse’s hair is to use spray shampoos or dry shampoos in colder seasons. Shampooing will clean away burrs, leaves and oil from the mane of the horse which can cause fungi growth. Furthermore, it will protect your horse’s hair from catching infections caused by bacteria as shampooing clears away the bacteria. In addition, you can apply conditioner to maintain the shine of the hair.
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Dont tease this cat


Eagle Tree

I saw this driving home and couldn't believe it. I had been wondering where I could get a good shot of a bald eagle. I had no idea they hang out like this. I did get some close-ups as well. 
In the late 20th century the Bald Eagle was on the brink of extirpation in the continental United States, while flourishing in much of Alaska and Canada. Populations recovered and stabilized, so the species was removed from the U.S. federal government's list of endangered species and transferred to the list of threatened species on July 12, 1995, and it was removed from the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife in the Lower 48 States on June 28, 2007.

Octopus in a Bottle


The Yoda Bat

This tube-nosed fruit bat is just one of the roughly 200 species encountered during two scientific expeditions to Papua New Guinea in 2009

Though seen on previous expeditions, the bat has yet to be formally documented as a new species, or even named. Like other fruit bats, though, it disperses seeds from the fruit in its diet, perhaps making the flying mammal crucial to its tropical rain forest ecosystem.

Night Light

Scorpions glow under UV light, even after death and fossilization.

Scorpions have a thin, transparent film (hyaline) in the outermost layer of their exoskeleton. This layer contains a protein that fluoresces. After a scorpion molts its exoskeleton is soft and doesnt glow very bright. As the cuticle hardens, it glows more. The hylane skin toughens into an incredible substance. Even After hundreds of millions of years, after all other cuticle layers are lost, the hyaline layer remains, fossilized in rocks, and it still glows.



These "living fossils" have survived relatively unchanged for millions of years.

The Nautilus is a part of the cephalopod family, and closely related to the octopus and squid. It is the only living cephalopod whose bony structure is externalized as a shell. The shell is a near perfect logarithmic spiral. It is composed of 2 layers: a matte white outer layer, and a striking white iridescent inner layer. As the shell and the Nautilus grow it moves into a larger newer chamber and closes off the back section.Other Facts about the Nautilus:
- In order to swim they use a jet propulsion system
- They can completely retract in their shell
- The shell is pressure resistant
- They usually inhabit depths between 100 and 400 meters, however their shell can withstand pressure up to 800 meters
- They live in the indo-pacific region, and inhabit coral reefs.